Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Faux News, Your Bias Is (Again) Showing

You look a lot more like Pravda of the 1970s than a real news network.

It seems that your VP of news has had one of his memo's go public, and it's political agenda is made very clear.

I have to wonder what type of outrage would be displayed from the right if any of the 'liberal' media outlets ever displayed such a calculated effort to pimp the news for one political party over another. What would happen if the head of NBC news, or PBS referred to Mel Martinez (R-Fl.) as a political hack.

In light of the past history of the Republican party, and their dealings with Armstrong Williams and other members of the media, you are left to wonder how much cash Fox news is getting for their propaganda efforts.

By the way, Fox did cover the Allen concession speech. The broadcast almost every second of the over thirty minute long event. Webb's victory speech, the covered it for ninety seconds, with no audio.

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