Friday, November 03, 2006

A Hard Choice For Republicans

Is their leader dumb or dishonest?

On Monday George was working for votes in Georgia and his theme, Those who oppose him and vote for a democrat, want the terrorist to win.

On Tuesday George runs to the shelter of Fox news to whine about how ugly the tone of politics has gotten.

Monday he is calling half the nation traitors and terrorist, and Tuesday he is crying because people call him dishonest and dumb. The amazing thing is some of the Faux News views would agree with him. They echo the concept that left is just plain mean and nasty, without ever considering or condemning the behavior of the right.

For the rest of us we are left to wonder, is George as dumb as a post, or just a piece of lying scum.



Barry said...

Dubya is dumb as a post that happens to also be a lying scumbag.

notverybright said...

Yeah, the two are not mutually exclusive.

Trenchy said...

He thinks what he is doing is right and he thinks lying to do it is right... I just hope he doesn't ever think going with "newk-u-ler" weapons is right.

John said...

Yea, I guess I should have included an all of the above option