Thursday, November 09, 2006

Speaking Of Recounts

It looks like the victories of Webb and Tester will hold up. Recounts may be an issue, how do Allen and Burns fee about recounts?

Allen, on the morning after the 2000 election as the Florida count churned on.

"we'll need to move America forward as soon as those votes are cast."

That sure sounds like he doesn't approve of them, how about Burns?

Gore "appears more and more like a man who wants to win at any cost." Burns added, "It is time, as some have said, for Vice President Gore to stop being a litigant and start being a Patriot. The good of our nation is greater than any one man, and it is time for Mr. Gore to end these challenges and bow out gracefully."

I know Allen is being now being asked to bow out, I wonder if he will apply this same wisdom to himself?


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hfiend said...

For Allen a recount means more interest in voter suppression. He'll opt out of any recount.

He's toast.