Monday, November 13, 2006

John McCain (R-Az) And His Pet Poodle

Joe Liberman (I-Ct) have opted to support plan B, and send more troops into Iraq.

If they are serious, I hope they mean a real infusion of troops and not just a symbolic gesture. Prior to the war, Pentagon experts and war games called for between 400,000 and 500,000 men to do the job. With the current security situation, those numbers may be a little low. A reasonable goal would be to add about 300,000 with a reserve of another 100,000 if they are needed.

Now, I just what to know where Sen. McCain plans on finding almost half a million troops.

There is good reason to question Sen. McCain's understanding of the situation in Iraq. He has made repeated optimistic projections, that have all been wrong. One would hope that a man who desperately wants to be president would want to look more like great thinker and a lot less like the vapid cheerleader he appears to be.


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Anonymous said...

I really think McCain is toast regarding 2008: He morphed from a 'Straight Talking' moderate independent, to a Jerry Falwell, intelligent design supporting right winger seemingly overnight. And he wants Americans to "Just trust me" regarding sending tens of thousands of extra troops into Iraq? Maybe the 1999 John McCain, not version 2.0...