Tuesday, September 02, 2008

So How Screwed Up Is The Palin Choice?

Lets us count the ways.

1. On her first day as a part of the ticket she was caught in a bold face lie. She claimed to have opposed the bridge to no-where, when in fact she had been working aggressively to get more federal money for it.

2. Not only did she support the bridge to no-where earmarks, she has a long history of working hard to get some of the federal goodies. She had her tiny Alaska town hire lobbyist to work the system and they were successful in sucking up over $20,000,000.00 in our tax dollars for this town's use. Not a bad rate of return for a town of 7,000 people. By the way she claims to oppose the whole idea of earmarks, lobbyist and all the rest.

3. It is become clear that Palin was not well vetted prior to her selection. She was not a top choice of John McCain, but one forced onto him by the right wing. His top choices (Liberman and Ridge) are pro-choice and were not acceptable to the religious right crowd. Only after some of these storied broke has McCain truly started to investigate Palin's background. This is not a ringing endorsement of McCain's management style.

4. Speaking of Pro-Choice, it appears that the Palin household has had to deal with this. Their recently turned 17 year old daughter is 5 months preggers. This a family issue, not a political one, except that Palin opposes comprehensive sex education (she is one of those abstinence only whacks) and this is a great example of the effectiveness of this option.

5. And in the area of other wingnut ideas. She is a creationist (I don't know if it is young earth or old earth, I suspect she has never thought about it) she is a global warming denials (I bet she is basically just anti-science) and she was a member of the Alaska Independent Party, who's two primary goals are secession for the US and an Alaska first policy s long as they are a state. (an odd choice for someone who is running with the motto nation first).


6. She is under investigation for abuse of power (in her 18 months in office, an impressive speed for embracing corruption) and has lawyered up in an effort to delay the the release of the results of the State of Alaska's review until after the election.

All this in only 5 days. Just imagine what we will learn now that we are past the holiday weekend so it is time for the reporters and investigators (and McCain's staff apparently) to start getting serious.


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