Friday, September 19, 2008

Conservatives Are Cowards

I have noted before how fear filled the right wing's bed wetting brigade can act with something goes bump. I have always considered it to be a notable factor in the make-up of many of those on the right.

Well, it appears I was right.

a new study in the prestigious journal Science says that people with right wing views blink and flinch far harder than liberals when confronted with startling stimuli.

In the first study to directly link politics and physiology, the University of Nebraska led study suggests that people who hold conservative views on things like foreign policy and gun control, are more frightened than those with a more left-leaning bent on those issues.

This clearly would not apply across the board to everyone who has conservative views and it does appear to apply to protective issues more than broader issues. That said, this is the first step in confirming a detail that I have long suspected; Many of those on the right who have been screeching the loudest are doing so because they are afraid.

As s follow up to this study I think that there is another effect that should be reviewed. I would love to see the effect that ever increasing scare tactics has on how voters vote. I bet it moves them to the right, at least a little, no matter where they are on the political spectrum.

And that is why the Bush administration worked so hard to keep everyone freaked out from 2001 to 2006; It help in their political efforts.



Bushwack said...

Would you call a man at home with a gun in his lap prepared or paranoid?

I think it depends on what happens next...If his door is kicked in by some thugs, he would be called prepared.
IF nothing ever happened he would be paranoid.

Fear is a good thing, it causes you to prepare yourself. FEAR is a normal emotion, IF you are willing to meet it. IF you are sticking your head in the sand and saying "You are paranoid" and never take preparations you will be known as victim.

Jon said...

No Paranoid is having 1 gun, and wanting 10 more, it is not waiting till your door is approached, but shooting at scary people who are walking down the street.

and on top of being paranoid, it is also cowardly, and it is how the leaders of this nation have behaved for the last 7 years, as cowards.