Thursday, September 25, 2008

McCain and the US Economy

yesterday I said.

God help us if he (McCain) actually does get involved, his efforts have so far contributed to the Savings and Loan bailouts 15-20 years ago and this mess. Given the access, who knows what else he could screw up.

Well a few months ago a Romney supporter gave us this to consider

and check out just how serious McCain is about learning about the economy:

ANCHOR: As for the massive Wall Street bailout McCain insists it have...

JSM: Oversight that is effective and transparent. We need people like Warren Buffet and Mike Bloomberg and Mitt Romney to have an oversight of this. We can’t put that responsibility in the hands of one person.

ANCHOR: The crunch question. Would you vote for it as it’s presently constructed?

JSM: I have not had a chance to see it in writing so I have to examine that.

The plan in question is all of 3 (yest three)pages long, it would have taken him less than 2 minutes to read it.

What a posturing fool this man has become.

But for a while we appear to be safe since a deal has been made before McCain could actually get to DC to mess it up.


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