Friday, September 05, 2008

Palin Is Still Dodging The Press

And will soon be headed home to Alaska so she can be briefed on various issues. In other words, she is going home to cram for the election, like wayward college student who have partied to much and now have to learn a semesters worth of Trig overnight.

I think this line is about perfect for the situation:

Forget whether or not Sarah Palin is ready to be president. She's not even ready to be a candidate for vice president.

But she was John McCain's choice and that says a lot about the judgment of John McCain.



Anonymous said...

I am afraid the plan is to keep her walled up for 60 days and hope no one notices. The thing I am more afraid of is that it may actually work and she maybe runnng for President for a first term in her own right in 2012.

The argument then is that she will have the "experience" after having been on a national stage.

Does anyone else think that it is so wild that instead of going their seperate ways and covering as much ground as possible, her handlers are actually going to keep her on as short a leash as possible on the straight talk express.

"Ms. Cornelius" said...

I was driving in the car while McCain was giving part of his speech, and I was talking back at the radio so much that it was like a episode from Mystery Science Theater 3000. Then I dreamt of what Obama should say to McCain.

And Palin? If you want your kids off limits, which I believe should be the way, don't parade the impregnator of your daughter on the national stage. And remind the kids that if they really want to get married, that Mom and Dad can explain how to elope.

Also, don't allow the witch in the green dress to hold your defenseless infant. That was the scariest image of the whole night for me. Oof.

Jon said...

You both make excelent points. A new bit of data about thier plans for Palin; She may never do a real press interview, but they have already scheduled over 3 dozen fund raising events.

She is a prop for the election and a sop to the radical right, but she clearly is not of the caliber that the majority of people of this land would consider viable as the president.

And, again I point out, McCain made this choice, what does that say about him?

Silence Dogood said...

I am amazed that more people don't find this suspicious, or shall I say at least an important consideration that Palin is not willing to face the media?

I just saw where Palin has agreed to do her first Press interview with ABC that will be done this Thursday or Friday and be aired shortly afterwards, but gracious goodness, she will have been chosen by McCaion OVER TWO WEEKS AGO at that point!!! For such an unknown person to be asking and expecting to be on the national Presidental ticket only 60 days away from the election and to waste 2 weeks of it without offering herself for unscripted comment to the public is just utterly amazing.

Maybe Bush has gotten us used to the idea that Presidents shouldn't have to answer questions or face scruitiny of their actions, and act more like a big puppet master projected onto a screen beyond the reach of detractors who may point to fallibility. Therefore, Palin and every other politician in Bush's wake will be judged by campaign talking points and not an actual candid evaluation of the candidate. Ughhhh...

Jon said...

Sadly people are not very bright (I think I have heard that phrase before) and the Republicans are much more adept at playing to their level.

Anonymous said...

Amen. This choice says it all about what McCain thinks of America and of women.