Saturday, September 27, 2008

Maybe McCain Should Have Stayed In Hiding

This was the debate that John McCain needed to win, and win big. The theme was his turf, terror, war and international affairs, and he had worked hard to project himself as vastly more qualified that Obama.

But Obama was more that up for the challenge.

The top tier bloggers on the left saw it as a draw or maybe a slight win for Obama. It is also clear that they were adjusting their pronouncements in an effort to correct for their own bias. After looking at the post debate polls, viewer feedback and pundit assessments, it is clear that the those bloggers were dead on. The pundits agree: It was a tie or a small win for Obama.

The trouble for McCain is, he needed a home run.

What is even better for Obama is the people saw this as an big Obama win. McCain was grumpy, unlikable and refused to make eye contact. Obama was open, friendly and able to communicate his ideas.

In the end it was another bad day, in a long series of bad days for McCain.


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