Friday, September 26, 2008

Some Friday Reading

Local blogers edition:

A request to be Ambassador to Canada has been made by Walter Decker. He appears to have the background for it.

At Not Very Bright, a look at blogging, ethics, and who appears to lack them. NVB also has a clip of Sarah being, well, Sarah,

In a matter of minutes Science Shrimp and Grits was able to find, read and digest Paulson's Plan. Something McCain was not able to do for a week.

From while I read... I hope, a look at the (lack of) economic growth in South Carolina

Like many Americans, Tim at Cracked the Bell is fascinated by the train wreck that Sarah Palin's efforts at being vice presidential have become. Tim was able to sneak in a listen to some of Palin's debate prep, and that just confirmed what he already thought; That she is dumber that two jars of dirt. I think he may be underestimating the intelligence of the jars of dirt.

And something non political, but some of the best writing in the Blogs a reflection of early adulthood by Eric at The Great Elsewhere


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