Thursday, September 18, 2008

More Signs That McCain Is Effected By Dementia

I have mentioned this before and it is a real concern for me. during this interview it is clear McCain is not able to get his mental faculties around the question.

So McCain is the candidate with the foreign policy experience ready to lead on day one. But he doesn't know who the leader of Spain is. He gets confused in an interview, apparently thinking Zapatero is someone from Latin America who is an enemy of the United States and manages to create a minor international incident.

Update :

McCain Forgot Where Spain Was


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Anonymous said...

For weeks, I couldn't put my finger on it. While I never liked McCain, his poicies or platform, something more was bothering me. The epiphany came when I witnessed the "Spain" debaucle: I started thinking about previous strange and disjointed comments and that's when the dementia possibility dawned on me. McCain was never an intellectual in my book...but in the past I do believe he did know where and what Spain is. I think he knew what "fundamentals" of the economy are (if only marginally). I have seen this theory on other blogs and posts...but I'm waiting for some "mainstream" validation of the possibility (foregive me for expecting mainstream media to valildate my thoughts). Are reports of strange behaviors while in Iraq true...or just gossip?