Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Marriage Amendment Dies

The right wing could not even get 50 votes to end debate, a clear sign that getting the 67 needed to pass this bad joke would never happen.

But that doesn't mean that the Republicans are done pandering to the religious right.

Republican leaders say the U.S. House of Representatives will take up the marriage amendment in July even though they do not expect it to get the two-thirds majority that a constitutional amendment requires for passage.

Pandering, posing, and stealing from the middle class to pay millionaires, that is all the republican party is good for at this point.



AndyinMaryland said...

You are so correct. The Republicans knew going in that they would be almost 20 votes shy yet forced the vote anyway just to prove to the bible thumpers that they were in their corner. All this while our men and women in uniform face a growing insurgency in a country that never asked for our help.

Anonymous said...

Come on John. Use some common sense. Tax cuts for the rich is not stealing from the middle class. Please stop the class warfare retoric. Allowing someone to keep their own money is not the same as stealing from someone else.

John said...

Tax cuts that add to the debt (as the last 4 have, all cuts that
benifited the very rich, and not the middle) will burden the working
class (even those who are just kids like my two) with higher taxes at some point down the road.

They are giving hundreds of billions to Paris Hilton, Exxon and the very rich in this country today, that will have to be repaid by the people of this nations (who didn't see any of those billions of dollars) at some point in the comming years.

I will make you a deal, how about you give me $10,000.00 today, and at some point down the road, we can see about having everyone pitch in to pay you back.

That is the deal the republicans have cut with their financial backers, and it is the deal you seem to support