Thursday, June 01, 2006

Still Having Trouble Getting Their Facts Straight

This time in Afghanistan.

During the riots triggered by a traffic accident involving a US Army truck, the Army claimed that US troops fired into the air to disperse an angry crowd that gathered after the wreck.

Now the Army admits that the troops fired into the crowd.

U.S. military officials acknowledged Wednesday that American troops had fired at an angry mob that surrounded the scene of a traffic accident in the Afghan capital Monday morning. Officials previously had said the troops fired only in the air.

The armed forces seem determined to destroy any trust that exist between them and the American public.



Lynne said...

I long ago reached the point where I assume anything the government says is a lie.

Paul said...

Give 'em a break! They're fighting people who would cut YOUR head off.

We need less wimpy politicians who force the military to cover their rear ends for dealing with a hostile foe.

Lynne said...

Paul, it isn't about who they are. It is about who we are. This isn't the country I grew up believing in.
We need less testosterone-laden politicians who force the military to cover for political ego.

John said...

In addition Paul.

This isn't directly related to their actions, but the covering up of their actions.

Stuff like this happens in war, that is one reason wars would only be fought as a last resort, not as the first option (as in Iraq)