Friday, June 02, 2006

Two More Incidents In Iraq

are starting to get attention. While we are having to dig up the dead in Haditha, at least 2 more events are getting media notice.

Seven Marines and a sailor are facing charges for an April murder, and the Army is looking to an incident in Balad where as many as eleven civilians were killed.

The first incident appears to be rather conventional, while the second shows the continuing trend of cover-up and lies.

In Balad the Army initially reported only a few civilian casualties, that occurred while under fire. Only when the BBC got hold of a video of the incident did the story start to evolve to something that is starting to match up with the physical evidence at the site.

This recent series of exposed cover-ups dose raise a scary thought; How many other incidents have occurred that have been reported away as non events, or simple 'collateral damage'? It also shines a light on a depressing reality. The people of Iraq appear resigned to these types of events.

While the US population may be shocked, angered, saddened or defensive about these disclosures, the Iraqi's are clearly not surprised. They are responding like they know we do this, and they are powerless to do anything about it. One Iraqi was quoted as saying, well, that is what the Americans do.

Our reputation has declined to the point where some now consider mass murder to be an American trait. It makes one wonder why Al-Zarqawi is still pushing his civil war, the population may be more supportive of the effort against the USA.



dancewater said...

I wonder is Zarqawi is a US agent or US propaganda.

John said...

Zarqawi is a souless thug, that the US has found makes a very nice propaganda tool.

I will be very please when we do get him, but I don't expect his end to make any real differance in the war in Iraq or the war on terror.

He was just a bit player till this war was droped into his lap

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Zarqawi is indeed one sick fcuk. Sunni/Shia makes Prod/Cath in Northern Ireland look like a day in the park, although Cath/Huegenot in 17th Century France still takes the bloody cake for recent intra-religion warfare. If there was only himself left in the world, Zarqawi would want to make war on the mirror...