Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Classic Republican Stupidity

Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Ks) is mad!

It seems that the government in China is demanding that hotels install surveillance devices that will allow them to monitor Internet usage and data transfers. Well Sen. Brownback wants us to know that this is spying and spying is wrong.

This is the public security bureau in China requiring the installation of hardware that they can listen to anybody and everybody’s and their communications and their recordings that are sent over the Internet in a real-time purpose or over long-term. That’s spying, John. […] Your Internet communications can all be monitored in a real time basis by the public security bureau of the Chinese government. I think they’re clearly intent upon spying. they’re going to be spying.

He is upset, he is offended, he is shocked. He is also a lying two faced idiot.

He seems to have forgotten that the Bush administration did just about the same thing almost 8 years ago. In fact they Bush Administration went China one better and placed their spying devices where they could intercept all communication, not just that coming out of hotels.

Please remember this man, who is now shocked and offended by China's actions, voted to allow the US government to spy on electronic communication of it's citizens without any oversight. He refused to take any action to help stop the Bush spying efforts and voted to not hold responsible those companies who broke the law by spying on our communications in the US. Yet, this man is livid about China's actions.

Stupid and dishonest, two defining traits of so many current members of the Republican party.


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Silence Dogood said...

Finally! Maybe this is a good thing that the crowd that always yells, "but-if-your-not-doing-anything-illegal, who-cares-if-the-government taps your phone and puts a camera above your bed?" to see the kind of society they are trying to create. If anything, kudos to the Chinese for the mere fact that at least they are open about what they are doing. Brownback and his minions have supported an executive who snubs his nose as FISA laws and refuses to follow them until they are twisted to comport with what the executive wants.

Brownback is so perfectly indicative of the mentatlity that, 'if its not a problem for me' then what's the big deal? Now that the privacy police may be invading his own castle (instead of just yours and mine) Brownback is VERY upset. Well whoppdy do - this is exactly what he wanted.