Thursday, July 17, 2008

If You Are Going To Lie

At least do it well.

After the republicans spent a little over a week lying about China drilling for oil off the Florida coast, and after finally being called on it, the Republicans have come up with a new lie; That drilling offshore is safe since Hurricane Katrina didn't cause any oil spills.

Well this is even easier to disprove that the China lie. There were media assessments and reports about the spill damage and there were government funded reports outlining the damage. There was a lot of evidence that oil spills as a result of the Hurricanes were a major issue.

It was a bad lie and it was a sloppy lie.

But the bought and paid for Republican politicians act as spokespersons for the oil industry and tell these easily debunked lies. And more amazingly, the media doesn't even challenge them, and lets them continue to tell these lies for weeks.


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