Saturday, July 26, 2008

Media Check Weeks 3-5

I had 3 more weeks of spot checking the online headlines of the 3 major cable news services. As I have stated before this is simply spot checking and this week, one where Obama is said to have gotten a lot of favorable press, I was not able to do much tracking. But this is quite indicative of how most of the population get their news, spot checks, quick updates when they have a second to check in.

Over the last three week I saw McCain get 14 positive headlines and 10 that were negative. Obama has gotten a lot more headline mentions and it has been a touch more positive that McCain's. Obama got 28 positive mentions on the front page and 22 that were negative.

When we look at it from a network by network basis we see that CNN had 6 positive and 5 negative mentions of McCain and Obama pulled in 15 positive and 8 negative. On MSNBC we saw 6 Positive for McCain and 4 Negative while Obama went 10-10. Over a Fox, a site I check far less often, McCain went 2-1 Obama 3-4.

The Big difference in coverage this period, three weeks, is that since the Obama world tour hit the news, Obama is getting a lot more press than McCain, but the tone has not really shifted.


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