Tuesday, July 01, 2008

What Happens When You Tell The Truth?

The popular media misconstrues your statement, and almost no one pays attention to the fact that you are making a valid point.

General Wesley Clark had the gall to state that John McCain's military experience had nothing to do with his qualifications for President.


spending 5 years getting tortured in a POW camp qualifies you for a lifetime of physical and psychological therapy and permanent disability payments from the Navy, not for President



Anonymous said...

from Aiken County Democratic Party website

A Republican once said, when asked if military service made one prepared to be Commander in Chief:

"Absolutely not. History shows that some of our greatest leaders have had little or no military experience- Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Harry Truman was in the artillery in World War I, which was magnificent. Ronald Reagan did most of his active duty in the studio lots in California. It might be a nice thing, but I absolutely don't believe that it's necessary."

I believe that military service is the most honorable endeavor an American may undertake. But I've never believed that lack of military service disqualifies one from occupying positions of political leadership or as Commander and Chief. In America, the people are sovereign, and they decide who is and is not qualified to lead us.

That Republican --> Sen. John McCain!
In 2004, McCain said of the Swift Boat Veterans, "I deplore this kind of politics. I think the ad is dishonest and dishonorable." LINK
One of the members of McCain’s new Truth Squad — Bud Day — was a member of the Swift Boat Veterans! LINK

-- Peg

James C. said...

I see, since the left does not want to "count" McCains military experience as relevant they had Clark make his statements. I would like to know exactly what experience the Barack Hussein Obama has that John McCain doesn't.

John said...


As an adult he has lived in the Middle Class and worked with the poor on a daily basis.

McCain is just George Bush with a fouler mouth. I would think that almost everyone has had enough of that.

Anonymous said...





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