Sunday, July 13, 2008

South Carolina Governor Sanford

Confirms, John McCain's presidency would just be 4 more years of George Bush.

Blitzer: Are there any significant economic differences between what the Bush administration has put forward over these many years as opposed to John McCain’s support?

Sanford: Yea, I mean for instance take, you know, ummm, ahhh, take for instance the issue of, ahhhh..(knocks on table) I’m drawing a blank. I hate it when I do that, particularly on TV.

Yet, our Governor seems to think we can use 4 more years of this fabulous Republican economic stewardship.

Not very birght, is he.



dinesh said...

Governor Mark Sanford said the time is now for citizens who care about real immigration reform to make their voices heard about the need for reform. By stripping out the e-verify requirement last night, the Senate has taken out the single most effective part of this immigration reform bill, Gov. Sanford said. For anyone who cares about real immigration reform, the time is now for them to email or call their Senator or House member or better yet show up in person at the Statehouse on Tuesday to tell their elected leaders face-to-face how they feel.

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