Monday, July 28, 2008

It Was Bound To Happen

Since Regan's rule in the 80s, right wing radio has been a dominate player in political discourse. They have preached that the liberals were to blame for all that was wrong with the world. They have encouraged irrational thinking and cultivated a passionate hatred for people and ideas on the left.

And now it appears that Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter and Savage, and so many others may have their first scalps.

KPD Chief Owen says the shooter acted alone, and based on a letter found after the shooting, the suspect was troubled by joblessness, and wanted to strike a blow at a "liberal movement."

When you look as some of the specific issues that appear to have fed his anger it is clear that he has no real understanding of what the left has been fighting for. One clear trigger for his anger is that fact that he was jobless a second appears to be that his food stamps had reduced. These are both issues where the left has tried to fight off the right wing and the Republican party and stand with workers like Adkisson.

Broadly speaking, the left has championed fair not free trade. When times got tough the left tried to extend jobless benefits and expand the food stamp program. But somehow in this man's broken and dysfunctional mind he has developed the view the those who were trying most to aid him and others like him we to blame for his problems. Where could this screwed up understanding of this nation (at least as it is currently being reported in the media) have come from?

Now I wonder, just how much right wing media did this man consume? I suspect that it was not an insignificant amount.


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