Saturday, July 05, 2008

Week 2 of the Media Check

This very unscientific poll of news website headlines enters week 2. I have again spot checked the CNN, Faux, and MSNBC sites and rated the front page headlines about McCain and Obama.

This week McCain had 7 headlines that our crack staff viewed as casting a positive light on him, and 8 with a negative tone. Obama had 11 positive and 9 negative. A bit of a reversial from last week when McCain had a large advantage in positive to negative, and Obama had a notable disadvantage.

When broken down by network we see:

McCain 3 Positive 2 Negative
Obama 5 Positive 3 Negative
McCain 1 Positive 1 Negative
Obama 2 Positive 2 Negative
McCain 3 Positive 5 Negative
Obama 4 Positive 4 Positive

A note on Faux News's numbers; I do not visit Faux normally, so in my day I tend to see it less often than CNN and MSNBC. In addition, they tend to have only 3 major headlines on the front page, while MSNBC may have 6-10 and CNN even more.

These are just random samples, and not intended to be comprehensive. But the samples I track are the ones most likely to be seen by those visiting the various sites.


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