Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Forced into Faith?

or just a Faith Based success story?

Residents of a Westmont public housing complex for seniors said in a federal lawsuit filed Monday that they were coerced and harassed by management into practicing Christianity and pressured to attend Bible study classes.


Elderly non-Christian residents of the 60-unit complex said they live in a "religiously hostile and intimidating environment," where they are barred from using common rooms for anything non-Christian, including card playing, according to the lawsuit.

Plaintiffs Shen Tong Bea Tu, 87, and Yue Ru Lee, 86, who are non-Christian, say they hid in their apartment bathrooms with the lights off every Wednesday so they wouldn't be forced to attend Bible classes.


Lynne said...

This story really disturbs me. I see so many parallels between the fundamentalist Christian Right and regimes like the Taliban.
What are these people thinking? They claim to follow Jesus, yet he never tried to force his teachings on anyone. As a matter of fact, when faced with people who did not wish to listen, he advised his followers to walk away.
I don't care what anyone thinks as long as they don't try to shove it down someone else's throat. The minute that happens they become the enemy... just like the Taliban.

John said...

The hard core Religious Right are EXACTLY like the taliban in both their goals and ideals.

and I agree it si very disturbing.

Sumati said...

It is really disturbing and irritating.But one needs to raise one's voice agaisnt this.