Friday, January 25, 2008

An Endorsement

It seems that everyone is making a public choice (at least the papers are making their choices public), so why not join in.

The top four in the Democratic field (Clinton, Edwards, Obama, and Richardson) are all excellent options. Each has a wide array of strengths that would serve the president of our land well. Each have flaws that will be attacked hard by the Republicans, once they figure out who they favor. I would be quite happy with any of the Democrats listed.

Despite my satisfaction with our options, none have captured my imagination to the point that I felt I had a single player to support or promote. A number of bloggers who I do respect have been able to make this step, but I never fell in love with any one to the point that I felt I was ready to dismiss the rest (at least until the primaries were settled). Maybe the choices were just to good (key lime pie, hot fudge sundae, or New York Cheese Cake), maybe not distinctive enough to force my hand (oatmeal, grits or cream of wheat).

My list has been, since mid fall; Richardson, Edwards, Obama, Clinton and it has not changed. Since Richardson is now out, Saturday I will vote for Edwards. I know that his race is all but officially over but he is still officially running and he his my current favorite.

I have been asked how did my list evolve?

We need competent leadership, a technocrat who knows how the government should work, and is able to make it function (Richardson's strength). We have had 8 years of governance by a groups who's primary goal is the destruction of government, and the effect is obvious. Edwards makes noises like a trust buster, something our nations needs. We are captured in an governmental and economic system where the needs corporations far outweigh the needs of the population, this needs to be balanced. Edwards appears to understand this and wants this change. Both Obama and Clinton have vision for finding a new path. It is clear the one we are on is not working.

All could serve the nation well, so while I will vote for Edwards, I can, at this time, endorse them all and encourage everyone to Vote Saturday. And once the primary season is over, I do hope we can all rally behind the eventual winner and get effective and wise leadership into the White house.

We are blessed to have excelent choices but after the last 7 years I have to admit that a partially house trained spider monkey would be a step up from where we are.


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