Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Most Interesting Number In The Primary

McCain wins South Carolina, the state that tripped him up in 2000.

John was able to pull in about 150,000 votes.

What I find shocking is in 2000 he was able to pull in 240,000 votes.

90,000 fewer people fewer voted for him this year than eight years ago, but he is a conquering hero today, where in 2000 he was destroyed.

ain't politics grand



Anonymous said...

Not sure why you think the number of votes McCain got in 2000 vs. 2008 is a big deal. There were four viable candidates running yesterday.

In 2000, McCain was head-to-head with GWB and he got whooped. In a head-to-head race with another Republican, especially against a conservative, he'd get whooped again.

Silence Dogood said...

anon, Just because McCain isn't trying to ammend the constitution to conform with God (Huckabee) or get rid of some old national past times even further like...habeus corpus (Romney) or increase the national debt several fold more by cutting taxes WITHOUT any corrseponding spending cuts (Bush and the rest of the Republican party who abandoned trying to understand economic principles and realities years ago) does not necessarily mean he is not a conservative. For the record he is more than enammored with the idea of big government intervention into the lives of individuals and nation building in Iraq for decades to come as well as high hopes for invading Iran should another speed boat whiz by a U.S. Aircraft carrier off that countries coast. I don't understand why you wouldn't think he represents the new conservative platform very well?

Anonymous said...

In 2000 all the action, and all the dirt, were in the Republican Primary in South Carolina. This year it's the opposite. The Democrats are crushing the Republicans in Primary turnout because they are mobilized and the Republicans are dispirited. The Democratic nominee will be President in all likelihood.

Are the voters really informed about the candidates. I think those not on the net, unlike you, are not. Vote your view at:

tsylatac said...

CNN poll shows John Edwards beating McCain by a good margin.
MSNBC has been announcing all morning that 'neither' of the democrats can beat John McCain in the general election. They take this from a CNN poll that shows John Edwards beating all the Republicans by a wide margin, and John E. as the only one who can beat McCain. Take care that you don't vote for the candidate the press is currently coddling or glorifying. They will turn on Hillary and Barack like hyenas on a zebra if they can force JRE out of the race.