Wednesday, January 09, 2008

In A Stunning Development

The State Board of Education did something positive.

Today, in a stunning reversal of votes, the State Board of Education approved the Miller/Levine Biology Textbook that was under scrutiny. The vote went from 9-7 (vote in December) in favor of dropping the Miller/Levine textbook to 10-6 in favor of keeping the textbook on the list.

Now it is time to remove S.C. PIE and Mike Fair's absurd 'teach the controversy' language from our science standards. Science must be taught correctly, without the stupidity that some self professed Christians want thrown in based on their faith.

In Florida a local district decide to take the other path and in the process has shown the world just how poorly educated and ignorant that they are. It is a rare and banner day in South Carolina, we can cheer ourselves for doing something wise and can then sit back watch the leaders in another state do something inane at the same time.

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Snead said...

The worst part of today was when I looked into Kristen Maguire's eyes and realized she's almost certainly the devil. I'm sure her tenure as chair-elect will be an interesting one.