Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fed Pulls The Trigger

With the Dow futures down over 500 point, the Fed has made an almost unprecedented move of emergency rate cut of 3/4 a point.

When you hear the administration telling you all is well, remember this.



Silence Dogood said...

DeMint recently noted it is because the Bush Tax Cuts haven't been made permanent??? Wha...? Maybe because the Bush tax cuts helped foster in the increased of the national debt almost 2 fold in light speed and now we borrow every penny we spend as a nation yielding a dollar that is below the Canadian dollar (and we seem to be in a race with pesos and pesata to see who can have a less stable currency), but maybe I am just shooting off at the mouth DeMint seems like a "really big picture" type of guy who constantly wants to cut taxes - no correponding spending cuts accompanied the Bush tax cuts FYI - and thinks that by effectively raising the national debt and deficits through unwaranted tax cuts (in no way linked to any sound economic policy but only because they are popular - who wouldn't want money back) our economy will be better. Mind you the fact that the destabilization of our economy has come from these imprudent and ill advised tax cuts at any price. Am I the only one who thought Tom Delay was on crack cocaine when he advocated tax cuts as we were going to war, and that it was every Americans "duty" to accpet a tax cut in time of war? What nation literally thinks they Well, the Republican philosophy of something for nothing comes home to roost. Their solution, another tax cut 'stimulus' and what are dems going to do? Unfortunately they will probably vote for it.

John said...

I you were to rank the US Senators, from brightest to dimest, Sen. Demint would have to be in the bottom 10%.

His only skill is parroting talking points.