Thursday, January 31, 2008

Flying Lessons

Many, many years ago, back in the days of high school and college, I worked as a ramp rat at a small airport.

We were the guys that directed planes when they were parking. We tied them down, fueled them, and washed them. I was basically a gas station atendent for Cesnas. It was a great job, different, fun, and it beat the heck out of flipping burgers.

The pay was what you would expect for any job labeled ramp rat, poor, but it did have nice benefits, I got to fly.

I was able to pay for a few lessons, and got to fly a lot more simply because I was there. One of the key points that every pilot I flew with stressed was the danger of overcorrection. A pilot needs to think a step or two ahead, and move the plane gently, the closer to the edge you were, the greater the risk of any abrupt change.

For some reason I suspect the Ben Bernanke and the rest of Federal Reserve are not pilots, or have forgotten this lesson.

Fed stays aggressive


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Nancy said...

I agree wholeheartedly on the dangers of overcorrection - been thinking the same thing myself since the Fed began raising rates so aggressively some months ago.

I must take issue with your assertion that lies are "The Primary tool of politics used by Republicans". I would correct that to say that lies are "The Primary tool of politics used by ALL politicians".