Friday, January 18, 2008

Polling South Carolina Style

Compare and contrast.

In our house all we have gotten are push polls, republican vs republican. A classic example of one I got was very similar to this one.

Most are automated, the one I got today was with a real live person. The the breakdown, as far as I can tell at my house has been.

Huckabee bashing McCain, McCain slamming Huckabee (live), Unknown attacking Huckabee, Romney(maybe) denouncing McCain.

nasty, very nasty polling going on in the Republican primary.

My mother has noticed the same thing, but yesterday a new camp was heard from. A live democratic pollster called. She was asked if she was going to vote and what primary. When she said she was a likely Democratic primary voter, she was asked who she favored. She responded that she was undecided and very happy with all three leading candidates. The pollster then asked to who she would lean to if she HAD to vote today.

She replied Edwards, and the caller thank her for her time, advised they were calling from Obama for President and encouraged her to keep considering Obama, and be sure to vote next week, even if ti was for Edwards.

The Democrats have a week to get nasty and it is possible that if she had replied Clinton the script may have called for a push poll attack. That said, she was so surprised by the call she had to call me to relay the details.

Lets hope the Democratic contenders can avoid the blood bath that is going on among the Republicans.

Over at Daily Kos, do we have another creative attack on McCain?


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tbuzz41058 said...

Here's some stuff on push-polling:, and, and, then google this phone #703-961-1077

Now here's some stuff on somebody who is NOT push-polling:

The following speech is about 17 minutes long, but worth every minute.