Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Working Hard To Keep South Carolina Stupid

That seems to be the goal of S.C. Parents Involved in Education and some of our local school boards. It appears that, despite clear and mounting evidence that abstinence focused sex education doesn't work, Lexington district 3 wants to add this to the foolishness to the class room.

The Batesburg-Leesville area schools could vote tonight to adopt the Worth the Wait program, a Texas-based initiative that is beginning to spread to parts of South Carolina. At least six districts, including Lexington-Richland 5, use the Worth the Wait curriculum, said Sheri Few, president of S.C. Parents Involved in Education.

It is a perfect storm of stupidity; A group co founded by our anti-science, home schooling state board of education president, promoting the potential selection of a failing education style from a company that whose circuilia is deeply flawed.

According to a report recently released by the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the U.S. (SIECUS), the Bush administration is funding three sex education programs that provide misinformation and foster fear and confusion. The three curriculums SIECUS reviewed are "Passion and Principles," "Worth the Wait," and "Navigator."


All three of the programs promote abstinence until marriage and exclude any meaningful discussion of safer sex. As SIECUS notes in their report, the curriculums argue against the use of condoms, promote fear and guilt in adolescents, and contain blatant religious messages.

This type of decision making is what assures that the students of South Carolina schools can look to many more years, if not generations, of being ranked at the bottom of the national educational performance. Teaching bad information, promoting false information just assures continued failure, to steal an old computer term, garbage in, garbage out.

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