Saturday, January 26, 2008

South Carolina, Primary Day V1.2


Last Saturday the Republicans in South Carolina voted in their, today is the Democrats turn. Last Saturday the weather was foul, today's weather is not much better.

Like last week, as the day progresses, I will post any updates of note.


I had the chance to visit 4 of the same precincts that I check out last week, 3 of which are notably more active today. 2 of these precincts are strongly Republican, 1 split and 1 democratic. The democratic poll was, of course, much busier that last week, as was both the split poll and one of the traditionally republican precincts.

The weather is now much nicer that last weekend, that excuse for not voting has evaporated throughout most of South Carolina.


I Went into a more Republican area and looks at 3 more polling centers. One was fairly busy, but the other two were very quiet. Weather has turned wonderful and is clearly not an inhibiting factor in today's election.


More anecdotal evidence of heavy turnout


Obama is the projected winner, not a surprise at all.


Obama, Clinton, Edwards. The polls held this time. The big questions now are a matter of scale. What was the overall turnout? How close was Clinton to Obama, Did Edwards close the gap any?

These we can look at Sunday.


Someone on Fox news mentioned that there is a chance that Democratic turnout in South Carolina could be greater that the GOP turnout last week. If this is true, it is a huge story and the most important result in race.


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