Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Florida Has Voted

Rudy's run is done. His time to dance on the media stage is thankfully coming to an end. He will endorse McCain and then (hopefully) float off into the sunset.

McCain won Florida with a third of the vote. Mitt again underperformed if you consider just how much he has spent to date and Huckebee did great with the Bible beating fried squirrel crowd and was ignored by the rest of the state.

This puts the man most of the conservatives love to hate clearly in the lead. It is almost worth listening to Rush today to see how he takes this.

On the Democratic side Hillary again did well in a state where the candidates had agreed to not campaign (like Michigan). This bodes well for her on Super Tuesday, where personal politicking of the Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina style is not an option.

She gets no delegates, but this should mask some of the stink of failure that lingers from the disastrous results in South Carolina.


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