Wednesday, August 30, 2006

You Can See The Desperation

In the language that they are using.

In defending their attack of Iraq, and the multiple failures that this event represents, the president and his men have resorted to incredibly shrill and dishonest attacks. Yesterday Donald Rumsfeld spoke at the Veterans of Foreign Wars convention and participated in the foolish game.

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld compared critics of the Bush administration to those who sought to appease the Nazis before World War II, warning Tuesday that the United States is confronting "a new type of fascism."


He continued: "Can we truly afford to believe that, somehow or some way, vicious extremists could be appeased?"

The question is, who is recommending trying to appease any terror group or leader?

No one in the mainstream is.

What people are saying is, that you are doing it all wrong. Your efforts are making the terrorist stronger, not weaker. You are making us less able to respond to real threats. You are wasting our money and our people on a fools errand.

Rather than address these points, you lie about what those who oppose you are saying. You try to wrap your failed policies in the flag, and claim that those how find your efforts flawed oppose taking any action.

Terrorism is a cancer, and has to be removed. The question is, how do you address it.

Some cancers are aggressive and require a rapid, massive response. Others move more deliberately, and a go slow approach may fit. Some are in areas that require delicate efforts to address it, some have to be removed, no matter the local cost.

Your efforts are like those of a doctor, who has discovered that he has prostate cancer. Some forms of the cancer move slowly, some are much more aggressive. Some are intertwined with some rather important plumbing and require a difficult removal, some are a little off to the side and removal is easier.

Your response to this discovery. You take a sledgehammer to your groin in the effort to destroy the cancer, without consideration of other options, or the harm that your actions may do to other parts of the body. When others point out just how stupid your actions is, your response is to claim that we all want to die of cancer.

Maybe one day you will be smart enough to unerstand that when someone disaproves of your actions, it doesn't always mean that they disapove of your goal.



Lynne said...

The United States is indeed confronting a new type of fascism. It is coming from the Bush administration.
A refresher: The 14 Characteristics of Fascism

John said...

I think that Bush's facism is Old School, but still scary as hell

dancewater said...

"Can we truly afford to believe that, somehow or some way, vicious extremists could be appeased?"

I would bet Hitler said something like this about the Poles.......

LaPopessa said...

I'm looking forward to the day somebody in that administration admits that they've probably created more terrorists with their Iraq policy than they've killed or arrested.