Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Bush Orders The Release Of The NIE

Claiming he wants to prove that the media reports are incorrect, Bush has ordered the release of the NIE that indicates the Iraqi war has made us less secure.

We will quickly be able to determine if Bush is just blustering, or of the NIE is not as dire as early reports indicate. If Bush's claim is valid the report should come out very quickly, and without many redactions.

If the report comes out looking like a slice of swiss cheese, or if only selective portions are released, or if declassification drags on to the point where this becomes a non story, it is a safe bet the NIE is as bad as feared.

While we are releasing these reports, there may be a second report on Iraq that should also be in the public domain


The above link has been changed. It appears Bush may be trying to cherry pick the data that he wants to present.

President Bush on Tuesday announced that he will declassify parts of the National Intelligence Estimate, which reportedly concluded that the war with Iraq has worsened terrorism.
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Lynne said...

As Greyhair points out, "Isn't this prima facia proof that the administration uses secret classifications for political purposes?"

John said...

Just more confirmation.

Prior to the invasion of Iraq, they leaked cherry picked portions of the latest NIE to pump up thier case for war, while leaving the more important antiwar details hidden from view.