Wednesday, September 13, 2006

What is The Mission?

In the past few days a couple of news stories have raised an interesting question about what our leaders in Iraq consider the mission to be. The first was an intelligence report on the insurgency in the west of Iraq. It clearly states that we lack the troop strength to counter the rebel efforts, and have lost the initiative in the area.

The second was a statement by the local commander in the west of Iraq. He stated that he didn't need more troops. He views his mission as a training mission, and not a pacification mission.

His mission is to train, he said. If his mission was to change and that to be to win, then his metrics, his troop numbers would have to change.

I would have thought that winning would be mission number one. A peaceful, stable platform would make training much easier, and make recruiting and retention much more successful. The fact that he doesn't consider beating the insurgents part of his mission does explaining how the military leadership can continue to claim they don't need more troops, even while the situation in Iraq continues to decay.

So today, another 60 + bodies have been recovered, more US troops died, and the administration and the leaders of the military claim they don't need more troops in country.

At least now we know why, they are not fighting this war to win, they are just trying to limit the decay while they train Iraqi troops.



Tim said...

Yeah, we wouldn't want to get into any that "nation building" stuff.

dancewater said...

and, tim, it looks like we don't want them to get into nation building either!

dancewater said...

and the really funny thing is they are actually training the insurgency itself! they get a paycheck, insider information, and weapons before they go to work against the US troops!

well, it would be funny if they weren't killing a whole bunch of people. It would be terribly funny, and a lot of what the politicians say would be funny, too, if only.....