Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Torture Tango Continues

The White House has decided that they have no option but to try to work with the Republican Senators who appear to actually respect international treaties.

Not much is yet public, but the key points to focus on will be to see if the administration still want the CIA to have the ability to use torture, if the administration still wants legal immunity for the use torture, and if they still think that kangaroo courts are the proper legal direction for our nation to take.

Just a quick reminder on what is being debated.

sources have said those previously used include nakedness, prolonged sensory assault and deprivation, the imposition of "stress" positions, and water submersion to the verge of drowning. Bush has said none of those amounts to torture.

Bush thinks that a drowning a person is not torture? As I said before, how this is resolved will help define what our President stands for.


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