Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Saddam Was A Threat?

Bush is still claiming he was, but the truth is he was totally neutered.

He has no chemical weapons, no bio weapons, no nuclear program at all.

He was as great a threat as a de-clawed, de-fanged, paraplegic cat. He couldn't really move, he had no weapons of value, and seemed to enjoy spending his time soaking up the sun and pretending to be regal.

I was opposed to our action in Iraq long before the bombs started to fall. I was confident that Saddam was greatly weakened, and unable to strike out. My position was that he had a few hold over weapons from the war with Iran, some small scale lab based production of both chemical and bio weapons, and his nuclear program was in stasis.

My limited estimate of his capacity, a capacity that offered no real threat to the US, was a gross overstatement of what Saddam possessed.

He had nothing, He had no means to produce anything, and had no active plans to produce anything.

And Bush says he was a threat. A man with no weapons, no way to deliver any weapons even if he had a few, and clearly no real desire to find either a weapon or a delivery system is a threat. Exactly how is he a threat? Is he going to call you names, or not play nice? Are these valid reasons to invade another nation?

This constant lying and fear mongering is all Bush has left to defend his indefensible position. Bush's actions have painted him into a corner likes Saddam's in early 2003. It is clear that the Emperor has no cloths, but he hopes that if he keeps up the stately procession down the street no one will notice.



Lynne said...

The same rhetoric is being used in reference to Iran. This November we will see how foolish our fellow citizens are.

dancewater said...

we need to impeach