Thursday, September 14, 2006

Interesting Note On The RI Results

Lincoln Chafee (R-RI) survived a primary scare. The Moderate (or RINO) was challenged by Stephen Laffey, a well funded challenger endorsed by the Club For Growth. Polling just prior to the election had Laffey up, but the final results produced a Chafee win by 8 points.

Republicans credit their high tech voter identification program for being able to reach out and find just about every likely republican vote, including independents and democrats, in an area and turn them out on election day. In this election that feel that they were able to produce every vote that could be produced.

The republican effort produced about 34,000 votes for Chafee, and Laffey scooped up about 30,000. A very hotly contested race, a race where the national republican organization pumped in millions of dollars and flew in almost 100 experts to get out the vote produced 65,000 voters. About the same number of votes that Sheldon Whitehouse pulled in in his uncontested primary on the Democratic side.


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