Thursday, September 28, 2006

More Cherry Iraq News

A couple of polls have been released in the last few days. One clearly shows just how much love the Iraqi people have for their 'liberators', about 60% of them now approve of attacking US troops.

In addition, the overwhelming of non Kurdish Iraqis want us out of Iraq yesterday, if not sooner.

The death toll keeps rising, 40 more tortured bodies were found today, 3 more US troops were killed, and more evidence of obscene war profiteering has been exposed.

Just another day of disasters brought to us by Bush and his rubber stamp Republican congress.


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Thanks Georgie for Making Less Proud to Salute! said...

The 40 more tortured bodies may have nothing to do with the fact that U.S. troops are in Iraq. Sadly the correlation may more direct in that our troops were autorhized and ordered to do it by this administration (not by Iraqi's just because we are there).

If Bush is arguing so stridently and unrepentantly for torture now, then why punish the Abu Grab soliders for what they did? Why not give them Congressional Medals of Honor for their actions if not for their prescient ability to be a step ahead of the new and laemntable U.S. foreign policy?