Thursday, September 07, 2006

A Little Good News. A Lot Of Bad News.

First the good news, President Bush has announced that the fourteen captives that we have been keeping in secret prisons will be moved to Cuba, and the US army has announced that it's new handbook will forbid the use of some forms of torture.

Now the bad news.

First, this is an admission that we did have illegal black holes where we could keep people captive for as long as we wished and do to them whatever we wanted without any oversight.

Second, we will continue to use these prisons. The President indicated that he liked the ideals of having black holes, and will work to keep them active.

Third, the restriction on torture don't apply to the CIA, who happen to run the black hole prisons. The results of the Bush's announced plan would allow the CIA to continue to torture captives at hidden prisons outside the US.

Fourth, Bush has proposed a new bill that makes it clear that he knows his anti-terror efforts are illegal. He is now pressing the congress to make these illegal acts legal retroactively. He broke the law, he knows we has and is still breaking the law. Instead of behaving in a legal manor, he wants to change the law.

When we abandon our core beliefs in the effort to fight those who we oppose, they have won. It is clear that George Bush is willing to destroy the basic fiber of the nation in his panicked and terrified reactions in his flailing efforts to protect our nation.


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