Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Three Terrorist Sentenced To Die

Amnesty International is outraged, citing irregularities in the trial and the condemned want their case to go to the international court.

Now for the real kicker.

Some of the more foolish blogers on the right are outraged.

Their hypocrisy is showing once again. These same bloggers have been working very hard to support Bush's efforts to establish a system of Kangaroo Courts to handle our terrorist. They feel the system that Bush has proposed is just fine. Another nation has a judicial system, that while it appears deeply flawed, appears to offer more protections that the one Bush wants, and they denounce it.

For those who have been insisting that international judicial standards be met, and that legal protections be put in place, this is just more confirmation that their position is fundamentally sound.

So, as we watch the continued debate over what forms of torture will be legal, if evidence collected by this torture can be used in court, and if the detained have any legal protections at all, each time someone on the right defends these ideals that debase our legal system, remember how some denounced them when the shoe was on the other foot.


1 comment:

Diane said...

Wher are these wingnuts when Bush was allowing mentally retarded adults to be put to death in Texas?
Where are they when peopel on death row are found innocent through DNA?
Their hypocracy no longer astounds me becasue we have lived with it since bush became president.
They are too stupid to even see the truth for themselves.
Canada is looking better and better these days.