Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Since I Got To Go On Vacation

My computer has decided that it wanted to go on one too.

I got home, tried to fire it up, and nothing happened.

Well not nothing, the fans turn on, then nothing. This is going to make the next few days very interesting, I have never seen a computer do anything like this.

In other computer related battles, the modem replacement on my Mother-In-Laws 3 week old machine is an ongoing joy, I am now waiting for the third shipment of a part or software in this project. A project that should have taken 30 minutes is now at 1 week and counting.


1 comment:

Deacon Tim said...

Glad you're back from vacation. I missed my daily fix.

Computers are demonic beings, best left to exorcisms or a stiff glass of single malt, a splash of cold spring water and an oh-so-chocolaty Nicaraguan. (Cigar, not immigrant.)