Wednesday, October 11, 2006

655,000 Dead

In the current Lancet a new study has been published indicating that the total number of Iraqi dead in the US attack of Iraq appears to be about 655,000. There is little doubt that the war cheerleaders in the US will denounce this work.

Juan Cole, and Middle East expert, finds it very credible, and I have to give it a high degree of validity. Johns Hopkins University, who led this study, and The Lancet, who published it, are not two groups who are known for either shody work, or just making stuff up, and those who complain about this study will in the end be accusing them of doing just that.



trenchdoc said...

If the Lancet published it, you can damn well count on it.

Anonymous said...

'Johns Hopkins' small typo - you can delete this post, just wanted to let you know.

Anonymous said...

That comes to 600 people a day. Think someone might have noticed all those bodies piling up in the street if these numbers are accurate?

Another example of nonsense being accepted as fact.

Anonymous said...

What is the ratio of "wounded" to "killed" in a scenario like this? Good Lord those numbers have to be huge. Why is this study the only thing bringing this all to light now? Sounds pretty suspect to me. The cemetaries must be huge as well. I would love to see pictures to prove these assertions. Otherwise its all anti war propoganda spewed by the liberal left trying to regain power. There is something these career politicians arent telling us. Mainly why they would want to spend 600 times what they make a year in salary to hold a position in government. Thats what we should be looking at.

John said...

It is very clear that a numbre of people have not bothered to even look at the study, and lack any cultural awarness of Iraq.

1. The study is not just of deaths casued directly by combat, but will include deaths caused by the social failure that this war has induced, this included lack of medical care, lack of porper food and sanitation, lack of proper living condictions.

2. How many people die each day in Calif, or NY? are bodies 'pilling up'? of course not.

Cultural tradition demands burrial within a day, so many Iraqis are burried by family.

This survay is no doubt off to some extent, 5% - 15% - 3%, but to ignore it is just foolishness.

The parties involved in it creation are to good to risk their reputation publishing bad data.


Many of the systems they use in this are very similar to how we poll in politics. Polls are often off a couple of points, but seldom more that the MOE, and almost never twice the MOE.


For those who are crying about this, take 10% off the middle estimate, remove if from the total,

Wow... out invasion is now only responsable for, maybe, 580,000 dead Iraqis.

Anonymous said...

Well Ill be. Here is another Study that barely reaches the number for 3 years you say happens in a month. Somebody is lying. Maybe this is a Republican College making these results.

Anonymous said...

Sorry bout that last one

Anonymous said...

Actually I was Joking about a Republican College. We all know who the Brookings Institute is. In fact it is headed by a Clinton Appointee. So to use your analogy, "There is little doubt, the Anti War winers, will denounce this work."

John said...

Brookings, no they do fine work, but you have to look at what their work is.

The total up the deaths that are being reported by the UN and the govt of Iraq.

The trouble with their numbers are, the UN is limited in what areas they wok in, and the Iraq govt has, on a number of occasions, just stop counting, or refused to release those numbers.

But, Brookings total is solid, as far as it goes.