Tuesday, October 03, 2006

What Has Been Missing From The News

The last week has presented the media with a feast of news topics to cover. It was disclosed that a new NIE was released last spring. Portions of this report indicate that Bush's war in Iraq is adding to the terror threat, not lessening it. This directly counters a number of Bush's claims about his war on terror, claims he has been making long after this report was presented to him. In clear language Bush has been caught lying to the American public.

Bob Woodward's new book is released and it paints a picture of a Bush White House who refuses to look at the reality we have created in Iraq. His book appears to expose a level of delusion and detatchment that clearly indicate that we have no change to win in Iraq or Afghanistan the way we have been fighting.

To cap it all, we get something that everyone can understand, a sex scandal. A Republican congressman has been caught sniffing after underage pages, and it appears that the Republican leadership worked to coverup his behavior and thus enabled the page hunting to continue.

A lot of new stories have broken, and these have tended to push older stories onto the back burner. One of these older stories is the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that have resulted in as many as 14 US troops being killed in combat since the 1st of the month.

Today is only the 3rd.



hfiend said...

heh, so I linked to your post in a brief post earlier today. And just now I've been called a dipshit for "celebrating the deaths of people who gave their lives to make sure [I have] the right to be such an asshat."

Even though in the same post I express hope for the new peace plan to work, go figure???

John said...

Some are so dim, their only reaction is to try to shoot the messenger, not learn from the message