Monday, October 09, 2006

The Blood Is Flowing In Iraq

It has become very difficult to follow, but it is very clear that over 40 months after we destroyed the Iraqi army, the Iraq we created is a very dangerous place.

Last month over 776 US troops were wounded in action in Iraq, that is 25 men a day. Recent reports indicate that being a member of the Iraqi police is almost a foolish job choice. Reports indicate that over 4,000 have been killed, and 8,000 injured in the last two years, almost 120 a week. Murder, torture, kidnapping, and assinations are a normal feature of everyday life.

Even US deaths, once reported quickly and accurately in the US media, now often not mentioned, have been seen to spike. The military now reports them sporadically, and in bulk. We had a rash of deaths early in the month, and this weekend was again deadly for US troops.

And Republicans everywhere want to stay on this course.



Silence Dogood said...

I read a horrible op ed in the state yesterday by CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER of the Washington Post. I usually find his dribble uninsightful, dogmmatic, uninformed and narrow. However, yesterday's "Only victory will bring safety" was particularly obtuse. He cleary and sincerely notes that 'victory' will be the only way to 'success' in the war on terror or rather victory in Iraq will bring us security. What he, Bush, Rice, Rumsfeld, Cheney and the rest of the Bush administration and Republican's in Congress DON'T offer us is the definition or even a hazy outline of what victory is or will be.

I was prompted to write this because you noted the trite old stay the course line, which seems to be changed to 'victory no matter what' - the couse and victory both remained undefined and therefore somewhat difficult (monumentally impossible) to attain. But what do I know.

Lynne said...

No to mention what we've done for women over there.