Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Republicans, Morality, Values, and Rush

Talk about nailing it.

If the term "moral degenerate" has any validity and can be fairly applied to anyone, there are few people who merit that term more than Rush Limbaugh. He is the living and breathing embodiment of moral degeneracy, with his countless overlapping sexual affairs, his series of shattered, dissolved marriages, his hedonistic and illegal drug abuse, his jaunts, with fistfulls of Viagra (but no wife), to an impoverished Latin American island renowned for its easy access to underage female prostitutes.

Yet that is who Hastert chose as the High Priest of the Values Voters to whom he made his pilgrimage and from whom he received his benediction. The difference between Rush Limbaugh and Mark Foley, to the extent there is one, is one of hedonistic tastes, not moral level. Rush Limbaugh isn't just tolerated within the party that stands for religious piety and moral strength. He is a leader of it, arguably the leader of its most righteous wing. Is it really all that surprising that a political movement that has chosen a moral degenerate like Rush Limbaugh as one of its most revered and morally respected leaders is not all that bothered by -- and therefore actively harbors -- the Mark Foleys of the world?



Deacon Tim said...

I know it's internet gossip, but in consideration of current events in high Republican circles, it needs to be asked: Is Rush queer?

Sure would explain a lot, if you ask me: the three failed marriages (the last including a gag order), the Viagra bust, the cigar (sometimes a cigar might not be just a cigar).

Not that being queer makes you a bad person or anything...Wait, I forgot-it does!

Anonymous said...

I hope you were being synical with your statements. Otherwise one would tend to belive that you are a republican trying to voice your anti-gay, homophobic views on the rest of the world.