Monday, October 30, 2006

Not All Republicans Are Racist

but, it sure seems like all racist are Republicans.

"Rep. Arza called Rudy Crew the N word, a racial epithet unacceptable in our community," said Sen. Tony Hill, D-Jacksonville, chairman for the group of civic, religious and political leaders. "This behavior cannot and will not be tolerated, and we are demanding that the Florida House of Representatives conduct a full and thorough investigation immediately."

And the excuse making has already begun.

According to a report in The Miami Herald, Arza has apologized, said he had been drinking at the time and would seek counseling.

I suspect that In Vino Veritas applies here. If this ends up causing Rep. Arza (R-Fl) any real trouble, I think he should apply to work for George Felix 'Macaca' Allan (R-Va), I bet Felix would love to work with this soul mate.


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