Tuesday, October 17, 2006

How To Dispose Of A Bad Seed

One of the real difficulties that both political parties have is how to handle a corrupt member of congress. We hold that a person is innocent till proven guilty. This means that, with the ethics committee's currently being useless, we must allow the legal process to run its course before the congress can take any long term action.

But that doesn't mean that the voting public, and even the local party, should not take action.

Rep. William Jefferson (D-La.) appears to be not only a corrupt member of the house, but a very inept corrupt member of the house. He is accuse of talking bribes, and has been caught with tens of thousands of dollars hidden in his home freezer. He is only months away from going to court, and by this time next years will most likely be sitting in a cell.

Yet, he is running for re-election.

But the fact that he is running doesn't mean that he should get anyone's support.

Last week, the Louisiana's Democratic Central Committee refused to endorse Jefferson, and instead recommended Karen Carter for the seat he currently holds.

An eight-term Democratic Louisiana congressman whose Capitol Hill office was raided earlier this year as part of a bribery investigation failed Saturday to win the endorsement of the state's Democratic Party.

Rep. William Jefferson was passed over by the party's State Central Committee in favor of state Rep. Karen Carter.

It is a small step, and one that may only have a limited impact on Jefferson's attempt at getting reelected, but it was the right step.



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Such a difference between this and the way the Republicans dealt with DeLay, Ney, etc.