Monday, October 02, 2006

Just Not Going So Well

While our focus remains in Iraq, Afghanistan continues it's slide back into failed state status. Another clear indicator of just how poorly things are going can be found in a Sunday Times report; British troops in secret truce with the Taliban.

BRITISH troops battling the Taliban are to withdraw from one of the most dangerous areas of Afghanistan after agreeing a secret deal with the local people. Over the past two months British soldiers have come under sustained attack defending a remote mud-walled government outpost in the town of Musa Qala in southern Afghanistan. Eight have been killed there.

It has now been agreed the troops will quietly pull out of Musa Qala in return for the Taliban doing the same.

These are the people that did aid in the attack of the US, these are the people we should be working to defeat, and Bush has given them the space they needed to not only survive, but regrow to again threaten their nation.

Bush will be the only American president to lose two wars, and he will have done it at the same time.



eric said...

you should check out bob woodward's piece today in the washington post on donald rumsfeld.


Anonymous said...

A small correction my friend. As a proud supporter of Canadian troopers in Af'stan, I have to inform you that we are still Kicking Tali-butt.

Anonymous said...

oh, yeah, one more thing... after kicking Tali-butt, there's nothing a Canuck Trooper likes more than to pound back an ice cold Moosehead.

Anonymous said...

neo conservative, why aren't you blogging as a proud member of the Candadian military in Afghanistan?