Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Iraqi Forces To Take The Lead Next Year

This is according to Gen. George Casey, who it appears learned truthfulness at the knee of Karl Rove.

The top U.S. commander in Iraq said Tuesday that it will take another 12 to 18 months or so for Iraqi security forces to be ready to take over in the country.

Now, if you believe this, I have some land just a few miles southeast of Myrtle Beach I would like to sell to you.

Why do I say this?

Consider Amara.

This is a city in the relatively peaceful south. A large city, maybe 300,000 people, who the Iraqi government has security control over. A city that was captured in a matter of hours by 900 mmebers of the Mahdi Army, a shia militia.

This is the Iraqi force that is ready to be in charge of their own security?

Now lets consider what may have been the flash point that incited the Mahdi Army to act.

The Mahdi Army militia engaged in a military operation in Amara, killing 4 policemen (presumably actually members of the rival Badr Corps militia that was trained in Iran). They also attacked a police station with bombs and mortar shells, causing extensive damage to it. Al-Hayat reports that [Ar.] the renewed violence was set off when the body of the brother (named Husain al-Bahadili) of a major Mahdi Army leader was found. It was headless and showed signs of torture. He had earlier been detained or kidnapped by the police (which has been infiltrated by the rival Badr Corps militia).

So, the Iraqi security forces are infiltrated by members of one Shia militia, who are using their power to take out members of another militia. The attacked militia decided to fight back and was able to force the official security force out of the city.

For another reason why this claim of Gen. Casey is an obvious lie, just watch this BBC video.

The disconnect between reality, and what our officials are presenting is amazing.


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Angela said...

The mess we are in seems so obvious, yet the government is in denial and is forcing that denial onto the people of this country. Never before have we been so misinformed! Never before have we had such insincere and foolhardy leaders! It is really time for the people of the US to wake up and do something! Iraq is in a state of civil war, whether we like it or not. Dancing around the issue of handing over control to the Iraqi people is just not the issue. I know I am not the only one who thinks so. The American people who blindly believe the hype may still think that we started this war to 'help' people. I am starting to wonder if there really is any way out of this without looking more rediculous than we already do. Cowboy 'diplomacy' be damned, we need help cleaning up all this spilled blood.