Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Today Is National Coming Out Day

I think that this movement, as much as anything, it what will speed up the eventual recognition of gay marriage. As more straight people get to know gay people, live next to them, eat dinner with them, they will see that homosexuality (like skin color, hair color, height etc) is just one small aspect of that person.

A couple on new studies are coming out in conjuction with national coming out day. At one time gay people, outside of a few metropolitan areas didn't pubically exist, now 70% of the adult heterosexual population know someone who is gay. In addition, support for gay marriage among people who are related to homosexuals runs 17% higher than support in the general population.

The fact that every year more gay do come out of the closet, and that these people are having a profound impact on the why straight America views gays, is why last summer I said that gay marriage will be accepted as law much sooner than many people expect.



WaterLillian said...

Which reminds me. We need to call my cousin and see if she wants to go have dinner with us one day next week.

You seriously need to update the books we are reading. I just started Angels and Demons by Dan Brown and "the boy" and I are working our way through The Little Bear books illustrated by Maurice Sendak. Other popular books at bedtime are Goodnight Moon and Where The Wild Things Are (yes, we love Sendak).

Barry said...

I don't understand why some people feel the need to restrict the basic right of the pursuit of happiness based on some moral myth that is neither confirmed or denied in the Holy Writs of thier faith.

Some people are just not happy unless they are making others miserable.